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    Little Falls, NJ is a beautiful township in Passaic County. The reason it’s got this peculiar but pretty name is because of the waterfall in this county. The waterfall is located on the Passaic River, which is a picturesque area near Beattie Mill.

    About Little Falls, NJ

    Even though the township is small, it’s growing quite considerably. The population is a little more than 14,000 people. It may not be growing exponentially or anything, but growth is still growth.

    Little Falls was found by seven Bergen Dutch settlers back in 1711 who pretty much decided to work together to get a homestead going. In fact, people who visit Little Falls end up hearing about the Speer Homestead, which was established in 1785 that shows visitors how important farming was to the region in its early stages. For history buffs, you should know that the Morris Canal passed through this region back in those days.

    The canal was fully functional until 1925, but before then, it was an incredibly important canal. Trade and transportation in that region largely relied on this canal. Visitors and folks who live in Little Falls can still see some parts of that old canal.

    New Jersey didn’t recognize the region as its own township until April 2, 1868. There’s a lot to love in this quaint little town, like the delicatessen on Main Street.

    Everyone loves that little place, and it was featured on TV shows in the past, like The Sopranos, just to name one. For those interested in the Jonas Brothers, it’s interesting to find out that the brothers and their families lived in this township. The family moved there, and they wrote most of the songs on their first album in this town.

    There’s a lot of history here, and people can’t wait to say hello to you. There’s also a lot to do here, like visiting the Yogi Bear Stadium for a little bit of baseball or the 381 Main Bar and Grill with a date; just make sure to dress sharp and visit the barber shop.

    Best Barber Shop In Little Falls, NJ

    Looking your best isn’t something that just happens. You have to work on it a bit. We know that going to the barber shop isn’t always something you think about when you’re visiting a new place, but that’s when you need it the most.

    You’re making first impressions left and right. You don’t have all your shaving equipment with you. Worse of all, sometimes, you don’t have the time to do proper grooming.

    The good thing is you will have access to a good barber shop when you go to Little Falls. Besides good conversation and getting a little help to explore this great town, you’ll also get the works here. No matter what kind of style you like, we’ve got you covered. You can get quick cuts, trims, or we’ll shape your hair however you like.

    Of course, we take care of beards and mustaches. We’ve noticed the rise in beard and mustaches, so we know this is pretty important. We’ll use all the moisturizing lather we can to condition your beard while we work on it. You know those little hairs can feel like daggers when you rub someone else, and we don’t want that, especially if you’re here with a special someone.

    Maybe what you want is to change your look completely so that when you get back home everyone will be blown away. If that’s what you want, then talk to one of our consultants, and we’ll find something that’ll match your facial structure.

    After we work on your face or give you a good cut, our team is ready to do other things, like applying lotion on your beard, or maybe we’ll just apply hot towels on your face to give your skin that super clean look. In essence, we want you to feel like we’ve taken care of you because that’s what a barber shop in this town is all about. We make sure our customers are happy.