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    About Clifton, NJ

    Clifton is located in Passaic County and is one of the most beautiful suburbs of New York City. More than 85,000 people live here and the majority own homes. You will find restaurants, bars, parks, coffee shops and above-average schools. The name of the city means town by the cliff and offers residents wooded mountains and a magnificent view of the Passaic River.

    Attractions & Historic Sites

    You will find Hamilton House Museum in Clifton. This 19th-century Dutch home offers three time periods, Colonial, Federal and Victorian. The moment you walk through the door you are transported to the past. Stroll through six rooms, a spring house, lush gardens and a granary. You will experience nearly 200 years of life in rural America.

    The Westervelt-Vanderhoef House has graced Weasel Brook Park since roughly 1720. This is one of the oldest buildings in the entire county. The house is an extension of both Parks and Recreation and the Department of Cultural and Historic Affairs. You can attend exhibitions to learn about the history of Clifton, Weasel Brook Park and Passaic County. You will also discover programs and events hosted all year.

    If you are interested in one of the most popular sites in Clifton, visit Ghost Hawk Brewing. You will enjoy the ambiance of this brewery and bar in addition to excellent beer. The bar is comfortable, welcoming and an excellent place to relax or spend time with friends and family. Ghost Hawk Brewing is even friendly for children and pets.

    History of Clifton, NJ

    Clifton was originally settled in 1685. The city was purchased by the Dutch in 1679 from the Delaware Indians. Until 1917, Clifton was part of Passaic prior to being incorporated as Clifton. The downtown area is filled with businesses, diverse residential neighborhoods, hot dog vendors, famous diners and tracts of forested farmland.

    When the Garden State first originated, Native Americans lived in Clifton, trading furs with the Dutch settlers and fishing in the Passaic River. The descents of many of the settlers remain, providing Clifton with an authentic and historical feel.

    Best Men’s Haircuts in Clifton, NJ

    Whether you need a little trim, something more personalized or a completely unique haircut, the Clifton barber shop has what you desire most. Our staff has the experience and talent to use combs, clippers, razors, shears and scissors as artistic tools to ensure you will return to this talented barber shop. Different techniques are used for every customer since no two people are the same and everyone wants an amazing hairstyle.

    You can have an original design created to accentuate your personality such as the logo of your favorite sports team. Businessmen come to have sideburns trimmed or removed and stubble eliminated for a professional appearance. We provide old-fashioned service, exemplary care, pampering and the unique style of Clifton. Our barber shop also offers a precise shave with classic hot towels so you can spoil yourself just a little.

    The most popular style for professionals is a conservative cut. We taper the sides slightly with enough length on the top to part on the side. If you are interested in a fade, you receive an extremely tight taper. We will cut your hair extremely close using clippers, but you decide how long you want the tapers on top. You can keep it neat or use wax or gel for a gloriously messy texture.

    Regardless of which type of style you prefer, our barber shop in Clifton has skilled stylists to create all different kinds of hairstyles. You will be smiling when you walk out the door.

    Best Barber Shop in Clifton, NJ

    Whether you call Clifton home or are here to see the historic sites, we would like to issue an invitation to stop by our barber shop. City Image makes certain you feel welcome and fulfills any special requests you have to ensure we create the style you are looking for.

    Our barber shop is equipped with comfortable chairs so you can relax and enjoy our services. If you are ready for quality services, superb stylists and old-fashioned charm call us today at City Image Barber Shop to schedule your appointment. We are waiting for your call.